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Dum vivimus, vivamus

i Art Seoul is an arts, culture and health conscious platform designed to promote the culture and vibrancy of Seoul. The aim is to make the arts, culture and other social activities more accessible to foreigners living in Seoul and its vicinity as well as visitors stopping in for a quick tour. The list of things to do in Seoul is as expansive as the the city is vast. However, finding free and affordable things to do could prove difficult as there is no one site that provides a comprehensive list of events happening in the city. This is further complicated by the fact that some of the resources available might not be in English. i Art Seoul aims to compile a comprehensive list of free and low-cost things to do in Seoul by gathering information through various resources available online, word of mouth and through user submissions . From storied museums to art gallery openings, live musi gigs, outdoor films, trivia nights, cooking classes, k-pop dance classes, yoga and more, we will always have something in our calendar that you can do everyday of the week, 365 days a week. Discover Seoul through its dynamic cultural scene and broaden your social circle. All events are free or 10,000 KRW or less and accessible by public transportation. While we live, let us live!

Giselle Ballet
Giselle Ballet in Seoul

"Who are we"

What we brought? We run the world Who run the world? Girls

Beyoncé Knowles

Fabienne Valmond

A Phd candidate at Korea University Global School of International Studies (GSIS), the founder of iArtSeoul is a social butterfly who loves to travel and discover new places. She has lived in five different countries and several major cities, including Atlanta, Miami, Tbilisi, Paris, D.C and now Seoul. The inspiration for i Art Seoul came from the resources she took advantages of while living in those amazing world cities. Some of her favorite things to do in a new city is to visit museums, art galleries, attend arts performances, concerts, hang out at local pubs, or catch some free events at a local park. In order to do all of those amazing things, especially on a student budget, she had to become an expert at finding free and cheap events. Her goal is to use this site as a tool to make the arts, culture and other social things in Seoul more accessible to you.

  • What a phenomenal way to spend Easter: Yoga and picnic in the park. The birds were chirping, the smell of pine trees, the beautiful array of spring colors in the trees hovering above us! Each twist or glances revealed a new scene and our senses deeply awakened! It was an indescribable experience and I loved every moment of it!
Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious brunch catered from @vegetuskr 
and as we were a multicultural bunch, from Botswana, to Germany, South Africa, South Korea, and the U.S., we discussed how each culture celebrated Easter!
What about you? How do you celebrate Easter?
Join us next week Sunday to celebrate Romanian (Eastern Orthodox) Easter. 
With @jillrieees @wandering__blonde @lavie.lab. @deikesophie @raquelfowl
  • A Toast to Queen Bey and to @theexpatpat for organizing this amazing event. I was very fond of Destiny Child because even back then they did empowering songs like, “I’m a Survivor” but I never really became a fan of Beyonce, not because I don’t like her music but because I don’t really follow popular culture!
However, her “Formation” really caught my attention especially since I was dealing with my own racial awakening in America. I was so inspired that I did something unprecedented and got cornrow braids split down the middle just like hers in the video. The unprecedented act was copying a celebrity, not cornrows. The video was monumental for me because probably not long before, my white male boss shamed me by saying my hair was a “hot mess” and requested I did something with that “bird’s nest”. He was joking of course 🙄 but I wept and it was so embarrassing that my white female colleague wept with me in empathy!
Last night, Beyonce speaking about including all black women with different hair types and body types was very empowering (I know I’ve used that term a few times now). I would have never thought to watch “Homecoming” had Patrick not suggested doing a viewing party but once the show started, I realized this show fit in with our vision for the space exactly; It had huge socio-cultural implications. Hearing Maya Angelou’s and Malcom ‘s words in between takes was as artistic as inspiring. I also realized what social and political influence celebrities like Beyonce have and have used to instigate changes. We can only hope that beyhives have as much empathy as the girl who comforted me about the birds nest hair comment and hear Beyonce’s words and really educate themselves on issues of racial inequalities!
  • We have fun at Open Mic 🎤! Sound’s off so if you want to hear some spoken words, join us! Tonight at 9pm! Free drink for each performer! Slam poetry, spoken words, music, comedy, story telling, all welcome! 
With @nomadwilliams @sunflovvver @questionmarc5
  • Two weeks ago, we had a nice yoga and picnic at Seoul Forest. The Weather was perfect and the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom! This Sunday, we’re doing yoga & Picnic in the park again but this time at Namsan Park! Namsan is still pink with Cherry Blossoms and even though they are quickly disappearing, you may still spot them on a few trees.
The area we chose is thick with Trees so we be stretching right under and between the trees. After yoga, we will have a healthy picnic under a pavilion!
Must register by 5pm Saturday in order for us to order lunch for you. To register, buy a ticket below or contact us to arrange other forms of payment: https://www.iartseoul.com/event/yoga-picnic-in-the-park/
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