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Dum vivimus, vivamus

i Art Seoul is an arts, culture and health conscious platform designed to promote the culture and vibrancy of Seoul. The aim is to make the arts, culture and other social activities more accessible to foreigners living in Seoul and its vicinity as well as visitors stopping in for a quick tour. The list of things to do in Seoul is as expansive as the the city is vast. However, finding free and affordable things to do could prove difficult as there is no one site that provides a comprehensive list of events happening in the city. This is further complicated by the fact that some of the resources available might not be in English. i Art Seoul aims to compile a comprehensive list of free and low-cost things to do in Seoul by gathering information through various resources available online, word of mouth and through user submissions . From storied museums to art gallery openings, live musi gigs, outdoor films, trivia nights, cooking classes, k-pop dance classes, yoga and more, we will always have something in our calendar that you can do everyday of the week, 365 days a week. Discover Seoul through its dynamic cultural scene and broaden your social circle. All events are free or 10,000 KRW or less and accessible by public transportation. While we live, let us live!

Giselle Ballet
Giselle Ballet in Seoul

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Fabienne Valmond

A Phd candidate at Korea University Global School of International Studies (GSIS), the founder of iArtSeoul is a social butterfly who loves to travel and discover new places. She has lived in five different countries and several major cities, including Atlanta, Miami, Tbilisi, Paris, D.C and now Seoul. The inspiration for i Art Seoul came from the resources she took advantages of while living in those amazing world cities. Some of her favorite things to do in a new city is to visit museums, art galleries, attend arts performances, concerts, hang out at local pubs, or catch some free events at a local park. In order to do all of those amazing things, especially on a student budget, she had to become an expert at finding free and cheap events. Her goal is to use this site as a tool to make the arts, culture and other social things in Seoul more accessible to you.

  • I Art Seoul Space will be closed for the last week of February. Not to fret, our yoga classes will run as scheduled! .
And now, a quick recap of last week’s shenanigans at I Art Seoul Space:
We started the week with @yoga.with.mila ! Our newest yoga instructor in an ever growing yoga family, Mila started with a bang and we had nothing but positive review about this tough but beneficial core building yoga flow! .
We had lots of technical difficulties with our screening of the 2nd film in the Black History Month installment “Carmen Jones “ but our guests were super understanding and accommodating! .
Our Valentine’s Day extravaganzas made “The Korea Times”. @yoginisierra drew laughs and a lighthearted yoga flow with her experimental partner yoga. 
Our singles night party went without a hitch, almost! (It was nothing really, just a chopped finger and a customer calling me a “nasty b*tch” [nasty added for effect] for assertively demanding payment owed. Upside: Learned how to deal with a difficult customer, it was bound to happen eventually! . 
We tested Slam poetry and although a small crowd, it was beautiful. One of our participants was very crafty with words and we can’t wait to hear more from her again and hopefully others when we start this up again on March 8th!
Saturday Yoga With @yoga_____matt was amazing (so I heard). Almost sold out! When I decided to open the space this is exactly one of the problems I hoped to solve. To provide a more affordable space for foreigners like me to practice yoga and this class definitely confirmed that this need was not exaggerated! We’re happy to be meeting a need.
Our tribute to love concert with @iamwhitneysol was just beautiful! Still receiving praise for the singer in our stories! The foreign community is full of such talent and we’re happy to provide the platform! .
As usual, we started our Sunday morning with a calm and peaceful hatha Flow with @hippieseoul . We then hosted the memorial for an artistic soul, Mitzi. One thing I didn’t even imagine when this space was conceptualized was the use of it for a memorial. So glad we were able to memorialize a soul I hear would have loved the space, the art and community
  • What are you doing for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? According to The Korea Times, you should come to I Art Seoul Space for partner yoga With @yoginisierra and stay after for our singles party! http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2019/02/281_263496.html! (Article link in bio) .
Yay we’re on the news and for what better reason than to celebrate love 💕🎊🎉🍾💕 #linkinbio #thekoreatimes #koreatimes #valentinesday2018 #valentines #valentinesinkorea❤️🇰🇷 #koreavalentine #seoulvalentinesday #valentinesseoul #thingstodoinseoul #itaewon #요가 #서울 #이태원
  • Yesterday I Art Seoul Space hosted the Black History Month Edition of the famous flea market organized by @linzantoinette for the first time. It was such a joy seeing the space turned into a vibrant market place. The colorful artwork in the background blended in well with the colorful African clothing! This took me back to an exhibition of a market place in Lagos Nigeria at the African Art Museum in D.C. Pictures and sounds of the market transported me to the busy market of Lagos where I have not physically traveled. The imagery of the Lagos market stayed with me and yesterday I had the impression of being transported back to a space I’ve never been! Art has this power sometimes to represent things so clearly while at once the thing itself is intrinsically art. We look forward to turning our art space into a market space again soon! .
Thankful to @linzantoinette for choosing to host her event at I Art Seoul Space and all the vendors and people who stopped by to support. @melaninpoppingear @houseofemarie @jackies_sweettreatz @honeyhairkorea #fleamarket #seoulfleamarket #fleamarketseoul #thingstodoinseoul #artisanseoul #seoulartisan #iartseoul #iartseoulspace
  • We had an amazing week of Yoga classes last week and we’re looking forward seeing you this week starting tonight with @yoginisierra, Saturday night with @wesma740 and Sunday morning with @hippieseoul ! We’re also welcoming a new yoga instructor, @yoga.with.mila who will be teaching on Tuesday nights! See you tonight! #yogainseoul #seoulyoga #seoulyogi #요가 #요가서울 #서울 #서울요가 #이태원 #itaewon #hbc #seoul #southkorea #thingstodoinseoul #iartseoul #iartseoulspace
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